Saltbattery: 100% recyclable an very very friendly to our environment

  • 28.2 kWh FIAMM Z36 (Sodium-Nickel-Chloride) battery made by FIAMM. This is a battery for EVs, around 3000 pcs. were built into the Norwegian Think City.
  • 4500 cycles @ 80% DOD.
  • 370 Vdc
  • Operation temperature: 250 Degrees Celsius. With such a battery you can IndieWatt at freezing -40 or death valley + 50 degrees centigrade.
  • battery is 100% recyclable, no poisonous and hazardous materials.
  • Want to know more about this fantastic battery technology? ->

Inverter: Latest breed bidirectional inverter

  • Bidirectional inverter (charges and discharges the battery Z36 @ 370Vdc)
  • power: 4.3 kW
  • >90% efficiency from 50% load upwards. Maximum efficiency 95%.
  • can operate grid-tied: Feeds battery power back into the grid (max. 4.3 kW, 1-phase, 110Vac/230Vac, 50/60 Hz)
  • can operate off-grid: 230V, max. 4.3 kW 1-phase current for all household appliances
  • Together with a frequency converter, the 1-phase current can be transformed into a 3-phase current for electric motors. IndieWatt has a 1.5 kW frequency converter on board.

Controller: The master and the masterpiece

Trailer: Beauty is not an inconvenience

  • Clevertrailer designed and built by Hans GrĂ¼nig
  • fiberglass chassis, self-supporting
  • carries 500 kg
  • no brakes
  • all colors on earth


  • RCD protection 300 mA (residual current detection)
  • fuses grid side (20A)
  • earthing
  • no faulty or dangerous manipulations possible