IndieWatt: Power-to-go!

Electricity without grid. Everywhere! IndieWatt is the “Swiss Army Knife” for off-grid and grid-tied energy storage.

Loads of energy to go! Charge the battery with any energy source: Direct DC from your PV-panels or AC from a generator or from the grid. Drive with IndieWatt to your work location, or that remote property, where everything slows down and dreams become reality, except for power access!  IndieWatt puts out 230V (110V) of AC-power for drilling, sawing, fixing, cooking and plugging in that electric guitar.  Everything you do with power at home, IndieWatt brings to your remote location or work site.  With AC power on demand, pull your tools or devices out of your truck and go to work.

The IndieWatt provides the platform to bring electric power to developing countries

We know that without power nothing will run. In other countries people know: without power nothing advances. The IndieWatt will seed growth of electric power sources for developing countries where access to power can lift people out of poverty, and begin to create better opportunities. One village, completely outside of any power networks, will have a base for power with IndieWatt and a solar array.  Unlimited power for filtering, pumping and disinfecting water, as well as cooling units for small hospitals. More and more people should have uninterrupted access to electric power for lighting, cooking, and cooling, … getting closer to conveniences that most of us take for granted.
To start we will stay in the Swiss Alps, right near our door fronts.  If IndieWatt can make it through the toughest testing conditions in the Swiss Alps, it can make it anywhere!

Summer of 2013: It works!

In the summer of 2013, we rolled out our first running IndieWatt unit. At that time, we were still calling it “LeiseMelk” and charging the batteries off a small water generator in Berner Oberland (Hotel Rosenlaui).  The battery power was used to run a milking machine near Alpkäserei Rosenlaui.  A worthy and fulfilling endeavor! Saving some 1200 liters of diesel, and the wonderful feeling of “Alpenruhe” (which is that amazing quiet, you only can have in the Alps…) and clean Swiss air returned.  We could hear ourselves think and breath…a game changer for quality of life and getting things done.

BUT: Our first IndieWatt is not completely mobile yet, hence our need to fortify financial resources to close out our last challenges.   The battery power still flows through an external box unit, and a few remaining issues with the inverter are preventing the soon to be attained, power independent outdoor rock concert.  Bringing power to villages, and yes, having some fun!  Next generation IndieWatt will deliver all of these possibilities.